Lucas Genuine parts
Headlight Assembly with pre-focus or Halogen(WIPAC) light units 
Ammeter - 2 warning lights - switch1968/1969135.00
Ammeter only1966/67100.00
3 Warning light - switchFor T140/Commando early110.00
Standard model - no holeFor T140/Commando MKII
late models
Headlamp shell only 46.60
Headlamp rim only 12.00
Ignition coil 6V or 12V 19.50
Handlebar switch units1971/197240.00
Alternator complete (All models)148.00
Stator(All models)59.00
Rotor (All models)94.00
Magneto replacement electronic unitComplete kitNLA
Alternator - High output 3 phaseComplete with twin diodes
& rectifier
Zener diode (12V only)Positive or negative earth30.00
Rectifier - Solid state electronicAll models 6 or 12V9.50
Switch - early modelRef 34289/3442736.00
Switch Ignition - lighting
c/w lock & keys
Ref 30552 (T140/Commando)30.00
Switch Ignition
c/w lock & keys
Ref 3060824.00
Rear light unit complete "917"Late square type 91725.00
Lens unit only LucasRef 91714.50
Lens unit only Pattern (copy)Ref 9179.00
Rear light unit complete "564"Pattern only12.00
Lens unit only LucasRef 5648.50
Lens unit only Pattern (copy)Ref 5645.00
Indicator unit completeShort (rear) or long (front)17.80
Indictator unit Arm/stemShort or long5.00
Magneto unitFully reconditioned - Outright230.00
Magneto unitFully reconditioned - ExchangeT.B.A.
Dynamo unitFully reconditioned - Outright195.00
Dynamo unitFully reconditioned - ExchangeT.B.A.
Regulator boxOriginal Lucas type42.00

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